In the territory covered by the Plan Nord, 49 occupations are among those currently most in demand.

The occupations that currently offer employment possibilities are listed. Despite a surplus of available workers , an occupation can still be in demand if turnover is high.
  High worker turnover
21. Heavy-duty equipment mechanics (NOC 7312) Details  
22. Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations (NOC 4412) Details
23. Hotel front desk clerks (NOC 6525) Details
24. Industrial electricians (NOC 7242) Details  
25. Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents (NOC 6733) Details
26. Labourers in mineral and metal processing (NOC 9611) Details  
27. Licensed practical nurses (NOC 3233) Details  
28. Light duty cleaners (NOC 6731) Details
29. Material handlers (NOC 7452) Details
30. Mine labourers (NOC 8614) Details  
Last update : Mars 2018