In the territory covered by the Plan Nord, 53 occupations are among those currently most in demand.

The occupations that currently offer employment possibilities are listed. Despite a surplus of available workers , an occupation can still be in demand if turnover is high.
  High worker turnover
41. Receptionists (NOC 1414)    
secrétaire-réceptionniste Details
42. Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (NOC 3012) Details
43. Retail and wholesale trade managers (NOC 0621) Details
44. Retail salespersons (NOC 6421) Details
45. Secondary school teachers (NOC 4031)    
enseignant/enseignante au niveau secondaire Details  
46. Security guards and related security service occupations (NOC 6541)    
agent/agente de sécurité Details
47. Social and community service workers (NOC 4212) Details  
48. Store shelf stockers, clerks and order fillers (NOC 6622) Details
49. Storekeepers and partspersons (NOC 1522) Details
50. Supervisors, mining and quarrying (NOC 8221) Details  
Last update : Juillet 2017