Labourers in chemical products processing and utilities (NOC 9613)

Job titles

  • acetylene cylinder preparer
  • batch dryer tender helper
  • bath mix solvent recoverer
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Nature of work

Labourers in this unit group carry out a variety of material handling, cleaning and routine general labouring activities. They are employed by petroleum and natural gas processing, pipeline and petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and by electrical, water and waste treatment utilities and services.

Fields of interest

  • Doing sports or physical activities
  • Working with your hands

Main duties

  • Labourers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Feed and unload production machinery and equipment
  • - Clean chemical processing machines and equipment and production areas
  • - Move, sort and pile materials and products manually and using powered equipment
  • - Assist other workers to operate, repair and maintain process equipment, gas distribution, water filtration and waste plant equipment
  • - Perform general duties such as basic construction, painting and other manual tasks.

Main characteristics of the occupation

Employment requirements

  • * Completion of secondary school may be required.

Skill type

  • Occupations in manufacturing and utilities

Skill level

  • Elemental

More information

  • * Considerable mobility is possible among jobs in this unit group.
  • * Progression to operator positions in the chemical or utility industry is possible with experience and appropriate qualifications.

Professional associations