Payroll clerks (NOC 1432)

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Estimated hourly wage
in Québec (2017-2019)
Minimum 17.00$
Median 25.08$
Maximum 33.00$
Job prospect
Employment in 2018
Skill level
Intermediate (generally a secondary school diploma)

Nature of work

Payroll clerks collect, verify and process payroll information and determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees within a department, company or other establishment. They are employed by payroll administration companies and by establishments throughout the private and public sectors.

Main duties

  • Payroll clerks perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Maintain records of employee attendance, leave and overtime to calculate pay and benefit entitlements, in Canadian and other currencies, using manual or computerized systems
  • - Prepare and verify statements of earnings for employees, indicating gross and net salaries and deductions such as taxes, union dues, garnishments and insurance and pension plans
  • - Prepare employee payments and benefit payments by cheque or electronic transfer
  • - Continued…
  • - Complete, verify and process forms and documentation for administration of benefits such as pension plans, leaves, share savings, employment and medical insurance
  • - Prepare T4 statements and other statements
  • - Provide information to employees on payroll matters, benefit plans and collective agreement provisions
  • - Compile statistical reports, statements, and summaries related to pay and benefits accounts
  • - Prepare and balance period-end reports and reconcile issued payrolls to bank statements.

Employment requirements

  • * Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • * Completion of college or other courses in accounting, bookkeeping or payroll administration or Experience as a financial clerk is usually required.
  • * Payroll association certification may be required.

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