Retail and wholesale buyers (NOC 6222)

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The 2019-2023 job prospects by occupation have been revised to take the COVID-19 health crisis into account. For more information about the meaning of each diagnostic, see the glossary.
Estimated hourly wage
in Québec (2018-2020)
Minimum 14.60$
Median 22.60$
Maximum 33.33$
Job prospect
Employment in 2018
Skill level
Technical (usually a college or secondary school vocational diploma)

Nature of work

Retail and wholesale buyers buy merchandise for resale by retail or wholesale establishments and are usually responsible for the merchandising operations of retail or wholesale establishments. Retail and wholesale buyers who are supervisors and those who are assistants are included in this unit group.

Main duties

  • Retail and wholesale buyers perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Purchase merchandise for resale by retail or wholesale establishments
  • - Review requirements of establishment and determine quantity and type of merchandise to purchase
  • - Study market reports, trade periodicals and sales promotion materials and visit trade shows, showrooms, factories and product design events
  • - Continued…
  • - Select the merchandise which best fits the establishment's requirements
  • - Interview suppliers and negotiate prices, discounts, credit terms and transportation arrangements
  • - Oversee distribution of merchandise to outlets and maintain adequate stock levels
  • - Establish and maintain contact with suppliers
  • - May supervise the work of other retail buyers.
  • * Retail and wholesale buyers may specialize in a particular merchandise line.

Employment requirements

  • * Completion of secondary school is required.
  • * A university degree or college diploma in business, marketing or a related program is usually required.
  • * Previous work experience in retail or wholesale establishments is usually required.
  • * Supervisors and senior buyers require experience in the occupation supervised or in a particular merchandise line.

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