Material handlers (NOC 7452)

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Changes have been made to the method for estimating job prospects per occupation. To better reflect the reality of the job market and the new method of estimation, the prospect diagnostics have been modified. Thus, the possible diagnostics are now excellent, good, limited and not published. For more information about the meaning of each diagnostic, see the glossary.
Estimated hourly wage
in Québec (2017-2019)
Minimum Not published
Median 17.10$
Maximum 26.82$
Job prospect
Employment in 2018
Skill level
Intermediate (generally a secondary school diploma)

Nature of work

This unit group includes workers who handle, move, load and unload materials by hand or using a variety of material handling equipment. They are employed by transportation, storage and moving companies, and by a variety of manufacturing and processing companies and retail and wholesale warehouses.

Main duties

  • Material handlers (manual) perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Load, unload and move products and materials by hand or using basic material handling equipment
  • - Move household appliances and furniture onto and off moving trucks or vans
  • - Perform other material handling activities such as counting, weighing, sorting, packing and unpacking.
  • - Continued…
  • Material handlers (equipment operators) perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Operate winches and other loading devices to load and unload materials onto and off trucks, railway cars and loading docks of warehouses and industrial establishments
  • - Operate industrial trucks, tractors, loaders and other equipment to transport materials to and from transportation vehicles and loading docks and to store and retrieve materials in warehouses
  • - Connect hoses or pipes and operate equipment to load and unload liquid petroleum, chemical or other products into or from tank cars, tank trucks or storage tanks
  • - Operate equipment to dump materials such as coal, ore and grain into or to remove materials from railway cars, trucks or other vehicles
  • - Operate conveyors and equipment to transfer grain or other materials from transportation vehicles to elevators, bins or other storage areas
  • - May perform other activities, such as opening containers and crates, filling warehouse orders, assisting in taking inventory and weighing and checking materials.

Employment requirements

  • * Some secondary school education may be required.
  • * Physical strength is required for manual material handlers who work with heavy materials.

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