Hotel front desk clerks (NOC 6525)

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The 2019-2023 job prospects by occupation have been revised to take the COVID-19 health crisis into account. For more information about the meaning of each diagnostic, see the glossary.
Estimated hourly wage
in Québec (2018-2020)
Minimum Not published
Median 16.50$
Maximum 24.60$
Job prospect
Employment in 2018
Skill level
Intermediate (generally a secondary school diploma)

Nature of work

Hotel front desk clerks make room reservations, provide information and services to guests and receive payment for services. They are employed by hotels, motels and resorts.

Main duties

  • Hotel front desk clerks perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Maintain an inventory of vacancies, reservations and room assignments
  • - Register arriving guests and assign rooms
  • - Answer enquiries regarding hotel services and registration by letter, by telephone and in person, provide information about services available in the community and respond to guests' complaints
  • - Continued…
  • - Compile and check daily record sheets, guest accounts, receipts and vouchers using computerized or manual systems
  • - Present statements of charges to departing guests and receive payment.

Employment requirements

  • * Completion of secondary school or equivalent is usually required.
  • * Completion of a two-year apprenticeship program, or a college program in front desk operations or hotel management may be required.
  • * Guest service trade certification is available, but voluntary, in all provinces and the Yukon from the Tourism Education Council.

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