Medical administrative assistants (NOC 1243)

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Estimated hourly wage
in Québec (2015-2017)
Minimum 13.50$
Median 19.20$
Maximum 24.29$
Job prospect
Employment in 2014
Skill level
Technical (usually a college or secondary school vocational diploma)

Among the occupations currently in highest demand in All of Québec


Nature of work

Medical administrative assistants perform a variety of secretarial and administrative duties in doctor's offices, hospitals, medical clinics and other medical settings.

Main duties

  • Medical secretaries perform some or all of the following duties:
  • - Schedule and confirm medical appointments and receive and communicate messages for medical staff and patients
  • - Enter and format electronically based medical reports and correspondence and prepare spreadsheets and documents for review
  • - Interview patients in order to complete forms, documents and case histories
  • - Continued…
  • - Complete insurance and other claim forms
  • - Initiate and maintain confidential medical files and records
  • - Prepare draft agendas for meetings and take, transcribe and distribute minutes
  • - Prepare financial statements and billing
  • - Establish and maintain various internal office administrative support procedures such as document tracking and filing and monthly reporting
  • - Order supplies and maintain inventory
  • - Determine and establish office procedures and routines
  • - May supervise and train other staff in procedures and in use of current software.

Employment requirements

  • * Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • * Completion of a one- or two-year college program or other specialized courses for secretaries or medical secretaries is usually required.

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