Broadcast technicians (NOC 5224)

Note: The codes in brackets and under the Aptitudes heading are for career development specialists. Under the Interests heading, the code is in upper or lower case letters depending on the degree of importance.


Objective (O)

Objective persons enjoy working with tools, equipment, instruments and machinery. They like to repair and/or fabricate things from various materials according to specifications and using established techniques. Objective persons are interested in finding out how things operate and how they are built.

Methodical (M)

Methodical persons like to have clear rules and organized methods to guide their activities. They prefer working under the direction or supervision of others according to given instructions, or to be guided by established policies and procedures. Methodical persons like to work on one thing until it is completed. They enjoy following a set routine and prefer work that is free from the unexpected.

Directive (i)

Innovative persons like to explore things in depth and arrive at solutions to problems by experimenting. They are interested in initiating and creating different ways to solve questions and present information. They enjoy scientific subjects. Innovative persons prefer to be challenged with new and unexpected experiences. They adjust to change easily.

Physical activities

Near vision (V2)

Work activities are performed near the worker. The scope of the visual field is broader than in Close visual acuity (1).

Not relevant (C0*)

Colour discrimination is not relevant in the performance of the work.

Other sound discrimination (H3)

Work activities involve the identification, assessment and/or production of sound. Verbal interaction (2) is included in this level.

Sitting (B1)

Work activities primarily involve sitting. Standing and/or walking (2) may occur but is incidental to the work being performed.

Upper limb co-ordination (L1)

Work activities involve co-ordination of upper limbs.

Limited (S1)

Work activities involve handling loads up to 5 kg.


3 3 4 3 3 4 3 3 3

Data, people, things

Analyzing (D2)

Examining and evaluating data; frequently presenting alternative action in relation to the evaluation.

Not significant (P8)

Not significant

Controlling (C2)

Starting, stopping, controlling and adjusting machines and equipment designed to fabricate and/or process objects or materials. Operating machines involves minimal set up and adjustment as the work progresses. Controlling equipment involves observing gauges, dials and other indicators, and turning valves and other devices to control factors such as temperature, pressure, flow of liquids, speed of pumps and reactions of materials.

Environmental conditions

Regulated inside climate (L1)

A normal controlled environment such as an office, hospital or school.


* Physical activities

For some occupations in this group, Colour Discrimination 1 (Relevant) may also apply