Relance Survey of Graduates in All of Québec

Training program : Forest Technology

Level : College

  2018 2016 2014
Number of targeted graduates in the Relance Survey of Graduates 62 46 34
Response rate 72.6% 69.6% 82.4%
Proportion of employed graduates 60% 43.8% 50%
Proportion of graduates with a full-time job 96.3% 92.9% 85.7%
Proportion of graduates with a full-time job related to their education 76.9% 69.2% 75%
Average gross weekly full-time income 717.47$ 733.15$ 728.78$
Unemployment rate of graduates 6.9% 30% 12.5%

The confidential nature of the data and the anonymity of the respondents must be respected. This is why results are not published (NP) when there are fewer than five graduates in a program or discipline or when the response rate does not meet publication requirements.

Since some programs or disciplines have few graduates, care must be taken in interpreting the results.