Information and Cultural Industries (NAICS 51)


This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in producing and distributing (except by wholesale and retail methods) information and cultural products. Establishments providing the means to transmit or distribute these products or providing access to equipment and expertise for processing data are also included. Establishments primarily engaged in duplicating, wholesaling or retailing information or cultural products; preserving and exhibiting objects, sites and nature wonders of historical value; producing live presentations; performing; or design activities are not included in this sector.

Sectors included (NAICS)

  • Publishing industries (except internet) (NAICS 511)
  • Motion picture and sound recording industries (NAICS 512)
  • Broadcasting (except internet) (NAICS 515)
  • Telecommunications (NAICS 517)
  • Data processing, hosting, and related services (NAICS 518)
  • Other information services (NAICS 519)

Workforce sectoral committees