Transportation and Warehousing (NAICS 48, 49)


This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in transporting passengers and goods, warehousing and storing goods, and providing services to these establishments. The modes of transportation are road (trucking, public transit, and ground passenger), rail, water, air, and pipeline. These are further subdivided according to the way in which businesses in each mode organize their establishments. National post office and courier establishments, which also transport goods, are included in this sector. Warehousing and storage establishments are subdivided according to the type of service and facility that is operated. Many of the establishments in this sector are structured as networks, with activities, workers, and physical facilities distributed over an extensive geographic area. Establishments primarily engaged in renting and leasing transportation equipment without an operator are not included in this sector.

Sectors included (NAICS)

  • Air transportation (NAICS 481)
  • Rail transportation (NAICS 482)
  • Water transportation (NAICS 483)
  • Truck transportation (NAICS 484)
  • Transit and ground passenger transportation (NAICS 485)
  • Pipeline transportation (NAICS 486)
  • Scenic and sightseeing transportation (NAICS 487)
  • Support activities for transportation (NAICS 488)
  • Postal service (NAICS 491)
  • Couriers and messengers (NAICS 492)
  • Warehousing and storage (NAICS 493)

Workforce sectoral committees

  • Comité sectoriel de main-d'œuvre de l'industrie du transport routier au Québec
  • 1100, boul. Crémazie Est, bureau 202
  • Montréal, QC
  • H2P2X2
  • Toll free: 1-866-927-6883
  • Phone: 514-593-5811
  • Fax: 514-593-5611
  • Email:
  • Comité sectoriel de main-d'œuvre en aérospatiale
  • 5300, rue Chauveau
  • Montréal, QC
  • H1N3V7
  • Phone: 514-596-3311
  • Fax: 514-596-3388
  • Email: