A grouping of jobs that share some or all of a set of main duties.
In the context of the National Occupational Classification or LMI Online, the term "occupation" generally means occupational group (see this term).
In general usage, the word "occupation" has a broader meaning than the term "trade", which often refers only to manual laborers and tradespersons.

Occupation currently in demand

Occupation for which the current labor demand is deemed sufficient to allow qualified persons looking for employment to enter this occupation and to be reasonably likely to find an opportunity in a given region.
This demand may be attributable to rapid growth in employer demand for workers or to high employee turnover, which could indicate that employers are having trouble retaining their personnel.
Twice a year Emploi-Québec issues a list of occupations most in demand for each economic region, for Quebec as a whole, and for each sector of activity.


Occupations currently most in demandJob prospects—by occupation
  • Occupations for which there are currently a large number of available jobs.
  • List updated twice a year.
  • For use in the short-term: quick re-employment, job search, ...
  • Prospects by occupation (over 500 NOC codes), from good to limited, for a five-year period.
  • List updated every two years.
  • For the medium-term: choosing an occupation, going back to school, ...
LMI Online
  Trades and Occupations Section
  Option 3 Occupations among those currently most in demand
  Option 4 Job prospects-by occupation  

Occupation related to information and communications technology

Occupation specifically related to information and communications technology (ICT), i.e.,

  • Occupations devoted to the production of ICT goods and services (computer and telecommunications equipment, the Internet, intranets, multimedia, electronic services—including e-commerce—and telecommunications services)
  • Occupations in another economic sector that call for the extensive use of these goods and services

Occupational group

One of the 500 groups identified by a four-digit National Occupational Classification (NOC) code. In LMI Online, the term "occupation" generally means occupational group.
See also National Occupational Classification

Online Placement (Emploi-Québec Website)

Computer tool on the Emploi-Québec Website that enables employers and job seekers to register to search job offers or consult lists of job applicants.
Online Placement is a free service.