Vocational and technical training Network (Inforoute FPT Website)

Website ( http://www.inforoutefpt.org/) that, among other things, provides information on Québec’s vocational and technical training programs.
This Website also provides Information on the contents and special features of the various vocational and technical programs available as well as on admission requirements and how to contact the establishments that offer them.

Vocational and technical training

Knowledge acquired in secondary or postsecondary programs designed to teach the skills associated with one or more work duties, unlike general training (provided at secondary schools) and preuniversity programs (college level) that teach more general skills.

Vocational training

All secondary vocational programs leading to an AVE, DVS, or AVS.
Work duties associated with these programs are of a lower degree of complexity than those associated with technical programs. Vocational training programs are offered at secondary schools and lead to entry into a skilled or semi-specialized trade.